The Dialogue on Sexual & Emotional Healing

This whole thing with the allegations against me has been on my mind a lot today. It was triggered especially deeply when I received my first Patch Tarot deck, it was very clear about bringing some things to closure.

We did a Spiritside Chats recently in which this discussion was brought up, and I spoke to it not only how its relative to me, but relative to all of us and what we’re going through on a collective. As we learned by #metoo, this is something that a huge number of us are going through, and a lot of people in the world are opening up to the fact that they have deep unresolved pain within around sexual energy.

And so, I am setting a public intention here that once I am clear on these remaining projects that I have currently going – Patch Tarot and nutrition to name a few, I intend to spearhead an emotional healing Spirit Science series – talking to some psychologists and people who have gone through similar experiences, in order to bring about some much needed awareness and healing in this subject.

Thank you for staying with me, reading, watching, and contributing your own awareness to these matters.

With all of my love,

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