7 Days Dry: My first lengthy dry fast

I am writing this as I go to chronicle my experiences during my fast which took place for 9 days which started on the eclipse of August 7th, and intended to go for 14 days till the Eclipse on August 21st, but which ended semi-naturally on the 9th day, after 7 days dry, and 2 days on water only. This is the story of what happened 🙂

This is a particularly curious fast and not one like I have ever done before, and for a few reasons. The first was that in the days leading up to the fast I didn’t do my normal routine and start going onto juices and smoothies… though I did have some of those, but actually pulled a 180 and started doing the complete opposite of what I normally EVER do… I actually found myself eating meat, some dairy, an egg, and even smoked some cigarettes. CRAZY, right?! Very far and removed from normal Jordan…

To be honest in the week prior I had felt this craving for some tobacco which was very rare since I stopped since 2015, haven’t really touched them much since then and happy for it. The whole reason I started in the first place in 2013 was based on the idea that I could help someone I love quit; by joining them and finding a way out together… but then I just kept going and became quite angry about it which fuelled more smoking…  until eventually I became very sick and my body forced me to say“Enough is enough”, and put it down cold turkey.

Anyways, I found myself with some native american rolling tobacco grown about an hour outside of the town that I live in by an amazing native american family, and decided that in these final days before the eclipse, I was going to honour and surrender to the will of my body, and allow it to have one final go at it.

To be honest, a big theme of this fast became sacrifice. In truth, I want to raise my vibration out of all of the muck and gunk of the world, but in order to do that, I have to give up a lot. Literally, everything that is not conducive to my work of raising consciousness and bringing light and healing to the world. This is all that my soul wants, and so it became apparent that everything that would not support that would have to go.

I started by deleting Pokemon go from my phone, and continued on from there. But in the days leading up to the end of the fast, I realized that a lot of these simple pleasures that were hanging around my parents house, like oreos or natures gate cereal or even just some baked chicken that my dad had prepped the other night… would probably not be things that I would ever have again. Not that I had even had any of these things in a very long time,  but I did want to say farewell to these things for good, and so in the last 5 days before Sunday (the full moon), I said… okay body, you get to enjoy this now!

I won’t lie… there was so much delicious in those days.

My last meal was at a local crepe shop called “Kawaii Crepe”, it was amazing. I went with my mom and sister, who also enjoyed their experience. I actually got a dinner crepe, AND a desert crepe, although I wasn’t able to finish the desert crepe… Honestly, this very notion was my only turbulence so far (i felt like i REALLY should have finished it the next day), but I did a letting go meditation and was able to transcend the attachment. I had an opportunity to finish it later on that night before I left my parents house… I didn’t, and the next day my mind kept saying “Nooo I want that crepe!” and my heart said “if you don’t let go now, when?” and so it was. I know… so dramatic and funny over a crepe… first world problems too, right? I mean, there’s such a bigger picture… but I guess, that’s why I was giving it up.

One final thing was that I actually also sacrificed my bed… which was actually just a 4 inch thick floor mat that I borrowed from my parents house when I moved out. I’m sleeping on the floor as I write this, and I’m pretty sure it’s going to help my back in the long run, which has been going through some growing pains recently… sleeping in the floor is good at first, but its not the most comfortable the moment you roll onto your shoulders… I’ll keep you posted on it.

Day 1 and 2 – August 6 and 7
Fasting type – Soft Dry

I went from this state to a full on dry fast overnight. Dry simply means no water, no food, nothing. I am giving up everything, surrendering my ego to spirit. These first 2 days were pretty good! Minimal fatigue, lots of meditation, relatively high energy! Was almost expecting a sugar crash but nothing of the sort! As I had previously mentioned, the only real thing that was any sort of challenge was this continual feeling of “man i should have finished that crepe”…. But again, as I felt those waves and the feeling of a lack of resolution on that energy, I simply pulled myself into a deep breathing meditation and invited my body to let it go. Every time this happened, the feeling lessened, and by the end of the 2nd day, it was almost entirely gone. The only water that I touched both of these days were short showers, and I did wash my hands. I figured it wouldn’t be a huge problem.

Day 3 – August 8
Fasting type – Soft Dry

On this day I definitely felt more tired, but not grumpy or upset and still no crazy crash. Took a short shower in the morning, and maybe washed my hands later one time. I’ve been working all day long, and still did lots of meditation. Only slept for about 4 hours, from about 2am till 6, it just happened that way, I couldn’t sleep very much. But still, my spirits are high. I did later on go out to Costco with a friend in order for them to get some groceries, and while I strolled throughout Costco it was pretty easy to not even think about the food that was all around me. I actually did a meditation called Rin from the school of Mahajrya, in which you continually fuel your body of consciousness with energy from higher dimensions. I will not lie – after about 15 minutes of this meditation in Costco, I actually forgot I was fasting for probably close to 2 hours or so, with absolutely normal levels of energy. I later did a long walk too, probably about an hour long, and still at the end of that walk I was not exhausted, but went into an hour and a half long meditation for the Lions Gate event, and then went to bed and slept for a long time.

Day 4 – August 9
Fasting type – Mostly hard-dry

Today was a day just like the rest. but this time no shower in the morning. I do recall having a bowel movement and washing my hands after, which was the only water I touched. I spent the first 3 hours of the day in meditation and reading about Qabalah, which was a great way to start the day. Got more sleep this night too which was awesome, as the previous night I only got about 4 hours. I also went and did Yoga for an hour which was quite awesome, did not really feel tired after that, and worked for the remaining hours of the day until now, where it’s about 11 pm, and I’m getting ready to go to bed. I did take a break between about 8:30 to 9:30 or so, and read more Qabalah book, it’s so intriguing to me! I’m learning tons, and planning some videos on the topic really soon. Surprisingly, still not feeling any huge amounts of pain or need for water, and I look forward to seeing if I can go the entire 14 days between these eclipses completely dry!

Day 5 – August 10th
Fasting type – Mostly hard-dry

When I woke up this morning it was pretty early, I was pretty tired but got into my 3 morning meditations (27 minutes each) and so went for just a little under an hour and a half. I also did a little bit of oil pulling during my second meditation because my mouth was pretty pasty, but not all-together dry. I did brush my teeth after this, using no water until after brushing, and then it was incredibly minimal. After my final meditation I lulled into a sleep again, and got another 3 or 4 hours of rest. When I woke up, I had significantly more energy than I had earlier, and had 3 very interesting dreams which I jotted down in my journal.

One of the things that has been happening the last several days has been that I have noticed sporadic flashbacks to specific moments in time, thoughts and memories that had all but disappeared like this random time I went to a bookstore with some friends or a particular restaurant I visited many many years ago. I do not know the significance of these memories but they do come up and disappear once I release them and resume my day… Interesting though, hmm…

Went for another long walk, this time to the post office to mail some spirit shirts off. Only a few left! 🙂 The walk got me thinking a lot about my relationship with food, but it was hard to put down the feeling of “wanting to eat/drink”, and whenever that would come up i would put it out of my mind, because i know the feeling is not a genuine hunger or thirst, but just my brain wanting it because that’s what it’s programmed to want. Now i’m going to bed, probably do some reading and meditation to close out the night. I hope I sleep well!!

Day 6 – August 11th
Fasting type – Soft Dry

I didn’t! But it was okay 🙂 What happened instead was really quite interesting. I was up almost all night. At about 1:30 am I decided to take a shower because my head was itchy due to a pillowcase that just wasn’t working out for me. It’s not lice, don’t worry, but it would be my first shower in several days, and even though I wasn’t all that smelly, I felt like it might help. So I showered, and immediately after felt the need to… shall we say, take a dookie? (A #2 lol). I was amazed at the size of what came out of me, and between that point and about 5 in the afternoon I had 3 additional releases, which became less and less solid as they go, and were without a doubt some of the most rancid smelling stuff i’d ever smelt. Not at all normal, which tells me that there is some deep cleansing going on through me.

As usual I took another hour long walk, got a lot of work done, and tried to turn in early. Didn’t quite work so well, woke up at 11pm same day and now I’m wide awake again! Awe man…

Only in the last day it hit me, and now I still keep thinking about food and drink, and I keep pushing it aside because it doesn’t feel like it’s coming from a genuine hunger or thirst just yet, it’s all mental. I am waiting for the feeling of true knowing. I spent a great deal of time in meditation and prayer this evening, really asking God for some help with deep healing towards some of the things that are going on in my life. I felt like there was a real connection…  I have been feeling a lot of discomfort in my body but I feel like I have to surrender through it, and not try and squirm out of it by say – having some water. I know that would bring me some level of peace, but it’s just not right.

Now I’m going to go read and try and sleep some more.

Oh! Dria took a look at my back today too, she said that sleeping on the floor was probably really helping because my back was fully straight compared to the last time she saw it, which makes me very happy. I feel I have to see this through though, to solidify my back staying straight and not going back to its wiggly curvy ways.

Day 7 – August 12th
Fasting type – Pretty dry but a little soft (until the very end!) 

Okay something amazing is happening! The last 2 days I have had several big waves of “oh my goodness i can’t do this so much pain”, which is ALWAYS followed by “I have to go to the bathroom”, upon which this continual slimy and smelly goo comes out of me, and afterwards I am left feeling like “wow! I feel incredible! I can absolutely keep going!” I feel as though I am literally purging negativity and doubtful thoughts from my body of consciousness in the form of years of stagnation which had built up in my colon. WOW!

Further, i’ve noticed several experiences of mental breakdowns where I feel so limited and confined in my consciousness and like at the point of AGGHHH but then i will suddenly breathe in my meditations and feel a relief like The Tower (in Tarot) falls, and my consciousness expands, and I become more, more capable and more aware than i was before, more present to my body, less attached to my addictions, more free to continue on.

As far as hydration goes, my body actually feels pretty good – though I will say that my mouth has been pretty dry today. Though I’m not sure that this is permanent either, because in the last day I also had waves of dry-mouth and then I would gain some saliva out of nowhere, so this too may pass! I am optimistic!

And speaking of mouth status – they say that when your tongue gets pasty on a fast it is an indication of colon health. Well, the last day my tongue was pretty clear, but this morning it did go back to being pasty, but not TOO bad, but still a thin layer of white across the board. So I decided after my last “expulsion” that I would brush my teeth, do an oil-pulling, and then brush them again – minimal water. Knowing that the paste was a reflection of my bowls, but still wanting to try and clear it up so that I can get a clearer indication when it comes back of the state of my insides.


Okay! The end of this day was a great shift of wonderful proportions! I had felt an inner calling to walk to the red river, a river that runs through the heart of Winnipeg. So a friend of mine and I walked there together, and when we arrived I felt like I just had to get my feet in. I sat there in meditation for maybe 10 minutes or so, and I knew I was going in fully. I did! It was amazing! I felt all of the gooey mud in my toes and finger, it wasn’t rocky at all! The result of which I had this deep knowing of “I am made of this”, meaning the water and the muck, just as I am made of air and fire! This revelation told me that soon it would be time to end the dry fast, and continue fasting on water, and soon earth. I realized that tonight was my meditation on Binah, the great mother and womb of creation as described by the Qabalah, and so I felt intuitively that I must go home, take a long shower (which also became a bath), read my Qabalah chapter on Binah and then meditate on everything I read.

By the time this whole process was finished, it was just passed the point at which I surrendered everything exactly one week ago, the last time I ingested anything (which interestingly enough was a cigarette, but closely followed before that by a large glass of water perhaps 20 minutes prior), and it synchronized with me having a jar of Spirit Water (water that had crystals in it).

I have the jar next to me as I write this, though I have only consumed a small portion, to allow my body the peaceful transition back into consuming a substance other than air and chi. Nevertheless, it feels right – and the fast continues.

Day 8 – August 13
Fasting Type – Water

This day I found myself with more energy than I had before, a pretty good feeling. I only had a few urine breaks, which was still pretty yellow. I figure that my kidney was pretty full of gunk by this point from the week of dry fasting, so as I continue to rehydrate my body is going to start really utilizing this water again and helping flush out some of the residual toxins, and then some – as I’m still in ketosis.

The end of the day I did start feeling like “hmm I want to break my fast now”, but I did feel like the feeling was premature, and withstood through the discomfort. Ultimately, I am grateful for water… a lot more than I was before.

Day 9 – August 14
Fasting Type – Water

In truth, this is actually where my blog stops. After this last entry, I stopped writing articles about my continued fast, and after one more full day I had actually stopped my fast, breaking it with a tiny handfull of pine-nuts, and going from that not long after to a bowl of chia seed which had soaked in water.

The reason the fast ended was really because I just kept feeling over and over this inner push or pull (or both?) to go and eat something, and I kept seeing pine-nuts in my mind. It wasn’t the same kind of feeling as it was prior either, like the “thinking about food for the sake of it”,  this time it felt like I was receiving instructions.

But that said, I still have struggled with it, and even struggled with the decision to eat after all… Part of it felt right to eat, and part of me really wanted to fast until the second eclipse.. and the decision to eat was very hard in that. Even still, i’ve caught myself being myself up a bit over not fasting long enough, or pushing hard enough… I have to remind myself that I went 7 days without food or water, and 2 extra days after that with only water..

Anyway, I have had a number of realizations about my habits with food and my various food addictions since this fast. I also have not had one tiny desire to fast since then, though previous to this fast I had been fasting a single day (sometimes 2) every sunday, every week. To be completely honest, there’s a part of me that’s really afraid of it… because it’s such a powerful tool that it had the potential to dramatically change me, as it already had. I feel like I got a glimpse (the tiniest morsel) of this higher reality, and what I can bring to this one through my body by severely emptying myself… But after that fast, i exchanged part of my desire for fasting in order to focus on actually doing the physical work and getting things out… Specifically, Patch Tarot – and the Qabalah videos prior.

Obviously I could keep going forever, but I think now is a good place to stop.

I hope you enjoyed reading my blog, if you decide to do this – be careful. Unless you’re a pro, dont’ try a single day dry without doing a number of smaller juice and water fasts first, to prepare your body for this adventure.

Okay, cheerio


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