This crazy fast…

I know normally it’s taboo to talk about doing fasts but I’m done mine so I figure it’s okay. The reason why you don’t generally want to talk about fasts while you do them is because most people have a sort of “Ooooh that’s extreme” or “ahh that’s dangerous” or “eee I could never do that” or “ohhh I’ve heard bad things about those” vibe about them when it comes to doing anything that’s different than what the commercials on the telly tell them to do, and that can cause all kinds of doubty-feels to get up in your energy-grill and muck up your stuff. It’s not fun, so you just generally keep it to yourself. Sounds reasonable, plus Jesus said not to, and if Jesus said not to, chances are he had some pretty good reasons for it. He’s a pretty notable figure in history, right? 😉

Anyways, I did this fast on a complete spiritual instruction; Source just came into my head one day probably the day before my weekly Sunday fast (yes, I fast every Sunday regardless) and said “this week, you’re going to go a lot longer). So i was like, sounds good! I thought I was supposed to go for 40 days, I set up a chart for it and everything, but I didn’t really know what I was doing when it came to the integration of dry fasting into this. Haven’t really done a super long dry fast before… turns out, when you’re really hydrated and first start a dry fast, it’s actually WAY easier to go longer while doing it. I made it about 4 days, technically it was a little over 3 and a half – but over the course of 4 days. The total fast however was 8.4 full days, with the rest being nothing but water with crystals in it.

By the end, there was something that was really intense happening within me. It was hard to explain, but the sensations and the buzzing and my stomach and my head and my whole body was just aching, and I just kept thinking “okay, you should probably stop this now”, and so in the end, I caved. I really wanted to go longer, but I took 2 problematic missteps that I learned my lesson on.

The first was not having enough water after coming off of the dry period. I mean, I was really dehydrated. It was pretty intense. I had also gotten quite skinny, obviously, but that wasn’t a super problem. The second problem was that I decided to do a colon cleanse with a water enema at the end of the dry period, because I believed it might have helped hydrate me and get anything out of me that had been building up… I could feel it up there, but it wasn’t coming out.

Well, if it’s not coming out turns out it’s not coming out for a reason, but there was some good work being done up in there. I have to say, I have NEVER smelled a potty-break so bad before in my LIFE! Seriously, this was like… putrid. I don’t know another word to use to describe it, I was actually amazed. I felt SO much better with it out of me though, so I don’t believe that the decision to do the enema was a problem in any capacity, though I most definitely contributed to my ending of the fast earlier than later.

Anyways, since ending the fast things have gotten really strange.

The first thing is that I have become incredibly sensitive to the vibrations moving through my body in any given moment. Thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, it’s like I can feel them all wiggling through my body… or could anyways. Earlier I ate dinner and it was quite grounding, so it went away for a while. This has happened twice now, but if I just drink water for the next few hours, it will surely come back. Wow, right?!

Not only that, but my ability to control, breathe through and stabilize these energies is also at an all time high. I sat in meditation for an hour earlier and it was one of the most deepest meditations I have ever entered into and I entered into it as easy as pie. Kind of blew my own mind, I felt like I did some very important clearing work this morning because of it.

And to top things off, I haven’t slept in 2 days, and I’m not sure I’m sleeping tonight either! It’s 11:16pm as I write this, and I don’t really feel tired at all. Yes – my head feels “strange”, but it’s not “tired”, trust me, I know the difference. I figure, I have so much work to do on the Book of Patch and Patch Tarot, that I’m just gonna keep going on it nonstop until I run out of fuel or need to meditate.

But honestly, I kind of think that meditation is my sleep now.. though whether that is sustainable I will have to let you know. This might be a short term thing, I’m just going with the flow at this moment…. and every moment thereafter…. forever… >_>

Anyways, that’s my first blog! Back to work for me!

Do you like the new version of the Balance Card?

You can probably tell which one is the new one, but in case not…. It’s the one on the left.


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